Jeff's Used Movie Finder FAQ

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How extensive is the search?
I currently search more than 4300 pages from more than 175 sites.
How many times can a laserdisc or dvd be played before it is worn out?
Properly cared for, a used dvd or laserdisc can be played practically forever.
How often is the list updated?
Once a day.
How up to date is the data?
I currently reject any page which has not changed in the last 120 days.
How many LD's/DVD's are in the database?
The exact number varies from day to day. Right now we have 1,130,085 disks in the database.
What are the different search options?
   1) Standard -- matches your phrase (modulo "noise words")
   2) Words in order -- matches all non noise words in your phrase, but allows intervening
        words (this option is especially useful for adding qualifiers like "Criterion")
   3) Keyword search matches all keywords in ANY order
   4) Regex search uses you to specificy a regular expression (still case insensitve).
       You can use the ^, $, *, +, ., ?, [], |, () and {} operators.
   5) Fuzzy -- try finding matches that are "close" to the request of there are no exact matches
Is there anything I should know about Movie prices?
Yes!  Many of the sites run sales and discount all LD's at once ("30% off all orders through the end of the year" for example), so the price that you see does not reflect any "global discounts".  Also, remember that there is a wide range between the cheapest and most expensive shipping/handling policy.

Some sites do not list prices for indivual listing, but have general policies (e.g. all single disc movies are $13).   In many of these cases I add the price to each listing; if there are exceptions, or the policy changes, then the price that I list may not be accurate.

Why do I sometimes see matches that don't look like LD's or DVD's?
The search engine is grabbing HTML pages and trying to extract the Movie listings from the HTML; sometimes the engine gets slightly confused.   In general, I try to err on the side of including too many entries, rather than risking the loss of an entry which might be the only known copy of the disc that you are looking for.
What can I do if my favorite used Laserdisc/DVD site is not included?
Please let me know about the site and I will try to add it.
I have a list of LD's that I'm selling, but it's not on a web site, is there a way to get it included in your database?
Yes, see the Instructions For Posting Lists.....
Can I advertise on your site?
Yes, we do accept appropriate advertising. Click here for details
Some of the listings are not used Laserdiscs/DVDs, why?
Some of the sites that I search put both new and used discs on the same page. Also, I intentionally include lists of sale, punchout, sale and oop titles.
Are searches case sensitive?
What order are the results displayed in?
The engine tries to determine the selling price and then sorts the results by price with "unknown prices" at the end of the list.
Sometimes a title appears more than once for the same vendor, why?
There can be several reasons for this:
   The vendor has multiple copies (with different attributes) listed on a single page.
   The vendor has one copy listed more than once on a page (with different attributes).
   The vendor has copies listed on multiple pages.
Can you notify me if the disc that I'm looking for becomes available?
Yes, check out the notification feature.
How do I establish an account for the notification feature?
To use the notification feature, just supply your email address and a password. An account is created automatically if one does not exist.
What is the "close auctions" option available to daily update subscribers?
I have found that there are sometimes eBay listings with "typos". When this occurs, there are sometimes bargains waiting -- or the chance to pick up a rare item that others might miss. This search, runs through the entire notification list looking for "almost matches".
My notification account disappeared, why?
If your mail server refuses the mail with a "user unknown" error, or the mail server DNS entry does not exist, then your account will be deleted.
What about X Rated titles?
I do not include any list which is described as X-Rated, but many general lists contain one or more X-Rated titles.
Contributions and Thank You?
There is no charge for the use of the Movie finder and you should feel free to use it as often as you like without any obligation.  If you would like to send donations, you can send me whatever you'd like (including LD's and DVD's) at work:

           Jeff Moskow
           Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.
           212 Cedar Cove
           Lansing, NY   14882


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